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What Is Scripturizer?

Scripturizer is a WordPress plugin. That means if you don’t use WordPress, Scripturizer won’t mean much to you.

Currently, WordPress plugins are not available for free WordPress.com accounts. Rather, these plugins are designed for people who are hosting their own copy of the WordPress software.

What Does Scripturizer Do?

Simply put, Scripturizer automatically converts Bible references (such as Genesis 1:1) to hyperlinked Bible references (such as Genesis 1:1).

Scripturizer’s basic features include:

How do I donate to this Project?

A few users have asked how to get involved with their time, or how to send a thank you donation.

If there is a bug fix or feature addition that you are able to add to the project, your efforts are appreciated. Simply post to the WordPress.org forum and we’ll try to incorporate it in the next release.

You may donate as a thank you and to encourage development via PayPal


1. Philip Gons - April 30, 2007

Can you point me to the instructions for implementing the links to Libronix? Thanks!

2. irinej - May 15, 2008

the plugin attempts to update the existing posts, comments and pages once installed!!!

that’s not noted anywhere, and it must be, as it will alter your texts (and potentially ruin them). that is a shame. although it’s nice to have links to the bible verses, i’d never use a plugin that changes the blog contents.

btw, it blocked my wordpress once i installed and configured it.

3. petervcook - May 25, 2008

Scripturizer doesn’t actually modify anything in the database. Everything is done per request. It is modified after each post/page/comment is pulled from the database but before it is displayed. This hurts performance, but keeps all of your posts un-altered and does not permanently modify anything. Uninstalling the plug in should return things to normal.

Now this issue about blocking your wordpress. If you could explain in more detail about what happened we can look into it.

4. More Christ Like - August 25, 2008

In my blog I have not left a space between the 1 or 2 and the book. Can you modify the plugin so that it will see 1Cor 3:16 and not just 1 Cor 3:16?

Also have you considered adding the option of a db’ed KJV version so that the tooltip could be KJV?

I would be willing to pay to see that feature added.

5. Bible References in Tooltip - August 25, 2008

[…] tooltip only shows the English Standard Version (ESV) version but I have posted a comment on the The Holy Scripturizer about page to see if they can add a feature where the rollover tooltip will show KJV. The only […]

6. LO - August 25, 2008

The mouseover feature only works with Bible sites that provide an API, such as the ESV site. So, it is not possible to do a KJV mouseover until an API is created for a KJV-based site. Also, we don’t have plans for adding a KJV database to run the feature that way.

However, you can select KJV as your default translation via the settings page (settings –> Scripturizer).

To enable your non-standard abbreviations, add this code as a new line after line 467:

$abbrev_regex .= '1Sam|2Sam|1Kin|2Kin|1Chr|2Chr|1Cor|2Cor|1Tim|2Tim|

7. More Christ Like - August 26, 2008

Thank you very much for the code.
Is there any way I can get you to do the following. 1) KJV in a db so I can have KVJ instead of ESV; 2) The ability to turn off the outbound link for the scripture abbreviations;

I would be willing to submit your site to 500 free web directories in trade.

8. LO - August 26, 2008

Thanks for the offer, but we’re not interested at this time.

Consider WordPress Jobs if you want to hire a programmer to customize the plugin for you.

9. Pino - October 8, 2008

I would like to make a small donation towards your efforts. Please advise.


10. David Hall - February 11, 2009

This works fantastically for pages, posts and comments.

Can I call functions from within the template, i.e. sidebar.php


The reading for today is

Or is there some other way to get it to work

I want rollover tool tip

11. David Hall - February 11, 2009

It stripped my script exampleb assume php

The reading for today is scripturize(‘Genesis 1:1-23′)

12. LO lux - February 11, 2009

Hi David,

Scripturizing the sidebar is not supported at this time.

If you are trying to display a reading for the day, check out the VOTD plugin. And if you are wanting rollovers, see Chris’ WordPress ESV plugin.

13. Mark Hurd - May 5, 2009

Thanks for the plugin. I use it thenailz.com

My problems have been the numbered books (ie 1Cor, 2Thess etc.)

Second, I have problems with the NIV being the default. It keeps giving me the ESV.

Third, when I would hover, it used to pop up a small window (like it is designed), but now it doesn’t. It only gives a link to the bible webpage.

What settings should I change? And is there any remedy for these prob’s?

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[…] posts. Visit the official information page of the Holy Scripturizer for additional information: http://scripturizer.wordpress.com/about/ If you’re having trouble installing this plugin, let us know and we’ll be happy to […]

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